Author: President Sebastian

Created: 2/7/2013

Once upon a time there was a guy name Sebastian who loved Mine Craft. He never played it before but he kept watching it on you tube. One day Sebastian went to a video game store called Linsey. Linsey was a terrible store that didn't serve their customers very well but they did have a game card for Mine Craft. So Sebastian got the game card and brought it to the counter to buy it but then this mean teenage girl name Debby the cashier said "What do you want" and Sebastian's was all like "Well... what does it look like? I want to buy this game card..." Debby said to Sebastian "Well to bad I am on my break go bother someone else..." Sebastian got ticked off and finally decided to grab the cashier and beat Debby to death by using the cash register. Debby called in security and Sebastian was banned from Linseys ever since.

After Sebastian got banned and also kicked out without his game card he decided to get revenge on Linsey. It was 10:00 P.M. Sebastian grabed his baseball bat and decided to trash the video game store. Sebastian took a big swing on the stores glass door which caused the alarm to go on. Hearing the alarm Sebastian tried to escape but all of a sudden the video game store had some guard dogs. The guard dogs were release and the dogs were now chasing Sebastian. Sebastian said to himself "WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND PUTS GUARD DOGS TO SECURE A VIDEO GAME STORE!?" Sebastian was crying for help which never came. He manage to escape from the dogs and return home safely.

The next day Sebastian heard a knock on his door which was the Linsey security guard. He knows it was Sebastian that broke the stores glass door. The big scary security guard said "Well well well... if it isn't the guy we threw out yesterday... Why did you break our company's glass door?" Sebastian replied with a mumbling voice "Well sir... um... you see I got ticked off and I all I wanted was just my game card for Mine Craft but NO!!! I couldn't get it because of you're stupid employee "Debby" who didn't want to scan off my game card..." The security guard replied "Well then..." The security guard then gave Sebastian the game card also the bill for the company's glass door." The security guard then said "Well here's the card and the bill for the broken doors..." Sebastian was so happy that he rushed to his computer and typed in the code from his card. When he typed in the code it said on top his screen "Invalid code!"

When it said "Invalid code!" Sebastians said "NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The end