George Goliuth Duckfish, often referred to as General Duckfish or just Duckfish, is the head Admiral in the English Royal Navy. Somehow, he was also granted the titled of "General" of the English army. 

He appears throughout A Captain's Journey.

Duckfish is secretly working for Johnny Cothern, to eventually transfer English soldiers into Black Guards who serve the EITC.


George Duckfish, being in his 70s, gets angry very easily over petty issues.

His long beard is often joked about by pirates. "Ducks and fish in your beard there arrrr, eh? Aahaharrr" - said many times to him by sailors.  This tends to cause Duckfish to go on rampages.

Pirates often insult other pirates with Duckfish's name. For exmaple: "You duckfish bearded freak!"


Duckfish wears a large tall navy blue high wing hat, a metal eye-patch, for his right eye, a navy blue longcoat ( Admiral coat ), a yellow shirt and vest, black pants, and brown black boots.