Arkham Asylum (based off of the location from the Batman comics) is where the most dangerous and unpredictable wiki users are incarcerated. It is run by a set of peculiar staff members and overseen by The Batvane. It is located on an island 20 miles off of Japan. 

List of Known Inmates Edit

Name Codename Description Brand(s)        Sentence
Cherie "KittyNomsYou" Known for excessive cases of extreme nomming, mass destruction and general chaos.

Extremely  dangerous, extremely kinky, and unpredictable.    

30 years
Nnamdi "Herc75"

Herc is a strange man, popular for possessing DDS and being obsessed with football. Has been known to throw footballs at innocents and harm them, yelling "GO RAIDERS!"

illegally feeding prisoners

Strange, crazy, kill on sight.

10 years

Basil Bridgebain "The Cheesy Madman" The Cheesy Madman is a large, wacky cheese-loving man with a mustache. He carries masive cheese weaponry and dwells in cheese factories, sometimes hammering into peoples' walls in his free time.

Excheesly dangerous, report on sight.

20 years
Stormwalker00 "Walka of da Stormz" Stormwalker00 is a master imposter, posing as Stormwalker, Ace Ventura,  and in one case, acting like she was Thor and that she lived in the storms. Also, a notable crime against Morgan Freeman.

Maniac, crazy, unpredictable, report on sight.

20 years
BoogieMango "Susan" Susan is a well-known criminal, notorious for extreme boogie dancing, manically believing he's Harrison Ford, murder, and assaulting civilians with Harrison Ford fangear.

Unpredictable, maniac, kill on sight.

10 years
LeCampitan "Stanley" Stanleey! Where are you GOING, Stanley!?

Stanley, Stanley, Stanley; Stanley.

Rose Carter "Beautiful Blonde" Charged with falsely claiming to be a blonde, possessing extremely hilarious memes that choke people to death, and murdering Hans Zimmer despite being a huge fan of his work.

Maniac, temperous, extremely dangerous, report on sight.

10 years

1 year in Bieber Room

Blake Stewart "Stew of Warts" Reputation of extreme raging, attacking, and murdering civilians. Illegal usage of cat firepower against innocents and overuse of fur.

Extremely dangerous, kill on sight.

Davy Gunfish "G-man." Creator of the Gary Revolution, this technology genius has been found hacking and corrupting many systems, including NASA,  where he found proof of the alien species of G.A.R.Y and used its subjects to his own advantage.

Evil mastermind, extremely dangerous, report on sight.

Jim Logan "The Socially Penward Awkguin" Charged with being a socially penward awkguin, excessive flirting with taken women, writing too much fanon and posting lesbian pictures that disturb the crap out of Batvane.

Strange, goofball, report on sight.

30 years

Kristen "Keira the Cat" A half-cat-half-human, Keera is known to claw, bite, and scratch random innocents. Extremely fiesty, she won't hesitate to attack anyone who refuses to give her cat food and cuddles.

Cat-like, extremely dangerous, feed cat food to on sight.

10 years
Jason Blademorgan "Used to be Stanley" Jason is a strange long-haired lover of Liz, formerly owning the Stanley title.

No longer Stanley, flirtatious, and strange.

Confined to BEE room

To Watch

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

10 years

Jokervane "Agent of Chaos" Like a dog chasing cars,  Jokervane is notorious for random bombs, assaults, fires, and general chaos. He is known to use knives and forks, and there are several reports of excessive stabbing.

Maniacal, unpredictable, ruthless, extremely dangerous, report on sight.

Ghostface & Goldface "The Accomplices" These two villains are responsible for mass murders, capable of unlimited slaughtering of innocents and attacking many friendly neighborhoods (Spiderman stood no chance against these crooks, he was killed instantly and was forced to reboot into a new movie series). Unpredictable, maniacal, stealthy, unseen, startling, extremely dangerous, kill on sight. 50 years
Parax; Hermit "The Godhermit" or "The Mothman" Parax, an immortal creature of unknown origin, rumored to be the unholy offspring of lord genitals and death itself, is a being capable of summoning voodoo, dark magic, and transforming into the Mothman. When in the Mothman mode, Hermit is nearly unstoppable.

Unpredictable, stealthy, ruthless, and blood-seeking. Your only chance - hide and pray it does not find you

69 years locked in the Asylum's tower
BallsofSteel "The Mindbender" "The Mindbender" first appeared during the late 60s in Gotham. He is designed to drive people crazy by sending waves to victims' brains and they start to go mad. One cannot be in the same room as him, so he resides in Room 204, on the utmost deserted level of Arkham. His powers do not affect the crazy. 

Intelligent, cunning, unpredictable, Do not kill until info is collected.

William Seasteel ChoBaka DECEASED
Bobby Moon "The Dark Overlord" The Queen of Darkness, this kill-crazy maniac once ruled the group known as "The Society of Darknesse".

Maniac, unpredictable, kill on sight.

50 years
President Barack Obama "OBAMA" Ignoring The Mandarin's messages Kill on Sight Life
John Breasly "The Hot Crap" Excessive rant blogs and exhausting Stanley's supply of crumpets. kill on sight DECEASED
Nate Huntington Crimes against Morgan Freeman, general stupidity report on sight 5 years
Kate Seaeagle hating Iron Man 3 kill on sight 15 years
Victoria  "Sheep Lord" Claiming to be a Lord of Sheep, general lack of logic. report on sight 50 years


 Exposing secrets to the public kill on sight 20 years
Gibbsgirl11 "Hot Lizza"

Illegally smuggling rootbeer, loving Mycroft too much, excessive Snap Chatting. Extremely uncultured, does not know who Harrison Ford is, hates Man of Steel, does not appreciate Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, or Star Wars.


Serves sentence as the Cook (DEMOTED)

report on sight

Jason Yelloweagle "Squirt Man" Eating a Hot Lizzah, Illegally feeding prisoners, No Seriousness in a Serious time, dickery. Kick in Balls on sight Life
Jermiah Garland "JerBer" Constant grumpiness Unpredictable, kill on sight 20 years
Peter Coalvane Coal Creating a name that ryhmes with Goldvane report on sight 10 years
Samuel Harrington "Lord" A false grammar nazi, complaint-blog-spammer. report on sight 40 years
Sam Revenge "Samchez" report on sight

To Watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Johnny "old" Goldtimbers "Caesar" Exaggerating about stallions, keeping wives hostage, and overuse of the vocabulary word "WHALE"  kill on sight

100 years

(or when he actually dies)

Ned Edgewalker Ned Bill Ray Cyrus

Ripping off Iron Man and Thor and giving birth to the Cyrus family, including Pearson Wright

kill on sight DEATH SENTENCE
Marc Cannonshot Marcy Ghosty Raping Rich and Parax, evading arrest. and posing as Morgan Freeman report on sight 30 years

Former InmatesEdit

Name Codename(s) Description Former Sentence Cause of release/death
David "Pootis" For preventing Gold from using Gary jokes The Mothman broke out of his cage and ripped Pootis apart, throwing his flesh everywhere and devouring him instantly.


  1. Maximum Security Wing - only for the worst of the worst - Jokervane, Blake, LeCampitain (Now dead. Body is kept locked up for victims' relatives to throw fruit at)
  2. Minimum Security Wing - This section is for the dangerous criminals who pose a threat if left alone.
  3. Security wing - The standard section for most inmates.
  4. Screaming Room (screening room) - This area houses only the inmates who will be punished to watch terrible movies, including Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Batman & Robin, and the Star Wars Christmas Special. Most do not wish to put prisoners through this, but victims often demand this terrible punishment to be given to the inmates. 
  5. The Bieber Room - a room with nothing but Justin Bieber concerts, movies and songs. Many prisoners attempt to commit suicide within five minutes of living in this room and must be watched at all times.
  6. Experiments Room - Classified
  7. Doctor's Office - run by Doctor Dentson for injured inmates.
  8. Video Game Depressor - A room for video game addicts to be cured - Jim Logan and Kristen (separate rooms)
  9. Detectives Room - Situated near the front entrance, this room is operated by Goldlock Holmes and used to examine evidence, produce theories, and interrogate prisoners. 
  10. Room 204 - Where BallsofSteel resides, deep below Arkham. The prisoner is drugged, preventing him from using his powers.
  11. Mincecraft Depressor - This is where Minecraft addicts are cured.
  12. The Tower - the room for the unholy offspring of genitals and death itself... the Mothman.



The Batvane

The Overseer-  Batvane 


The Judge

The Judge - Jokerman (Bill24601)

2953693-painting sherlock holmes by ineer-d5krpt4
Detective - Goldlock Holmes (Richard Goldvane)

The Doctor - Dr. Dent  Watson (Denface)


The chemist and head of experiments - Professor Lawrence Moriarty

Stan The Janitor


Daggerpaine Industries funded 30 rotating auto tri-cannons

The Society of Light funded electrical fence 20000 volts