Atlantis, also known as the Lost City, or the City of the Ocean, is a fictional bejeweled underwater city protected by a barrier only crossed by unlocking The Gates of Atlantis, using the Three Blades of Atlantis

The Gate/Sword system was put into place by Atlas, one of the bravest rulers of Atlantis.


Atlantis appears in A Captain's Journey.


  1. (Current) El Fantasma ( High Ruler )

High RulersEdit


Poseidon, First Ruler and Creator of Atlantis, seen here sinking a thief's vessel.

  1. Poseidon
  2. Triton
  3. Naupilus
  4. Atlas
  5. Neleus
  6. Angalore ( known as the Angler Lord. )
  7. El Fantasma
  8. TBA 


Atlantis is located at a certain coordinates in the Atlantic Ocean. Though very difficult to find, some residents have been known to give out the location to worthy travelers. 

Atlantis 2
It is said that when travelers searching for Atlantis came near it, the High Ruler would summon storms, waves, lightning, etc to stop the explorers. However, during the Angler Lord's rule, it was never noted that any ships were sunk near Atlantis due to anything suspicious. 

Secret EntranceEdit

There is a secondary entrance to the underwater civilization near Atlantis. This entryway is consumed with supernatural power and uses a universal portal to teleport objects or beings to the settlement near Atlantis. It is located on the coast of Chile. Though extremely hard to find, it is the easiest way into the lost city.

Atlantis 3
Atlantis Secret Entrance