Oi hallo! Guess what day it is! (Sherlock tonight, but I mean tomorrow, even if this was made a day early.) So, Blondeh, I just wanted you to know that you're my special little potato and I love you <3 I'm glad that you're mine, you loony chica. (: Anyway, away from mushy and gushy, have a fantastic 17th birthday and eat lots of pasta! Save some for me, bae :3

Love, Boog (aka Lord Chancellor Baby Face)

<3 <3 <3

P.S.  Maybe I'll give you another b-day surprise in PM... ;)

lel Kinky Blueballs

Uh... i guess im going to sign under what boogie just said... ANYWAYS. Happy Birthday Blonde :P /slap. And enjoy the Birthday! - Jase


OHAO Blondie even though we have our differences a lot your still Not so beautfiul Blonde xD but also my friend deep inside :P

have a Happy Birthday :P 

P.S. Russel Crowe IS Inspector Javert!

- Billiam

Hallo from your faovrite Squirtato. I bring you good tidings of pain and miser- Oops wrong card.... I BRING YOU HAPPINESS AND JOY ON THIS MOST SPECIAL OF OCCASIONS! Go crazy kid.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLONDE! Your cheery disposition and blondness (no, not stupidness :P) have always lit up chat, here's to more good times! -Dent

Happy birfyday Balowundehpoodlez! Have a good one and enjoy BBC Sherlock & Olanity. Don't forget Zimmerness! 


Happy Birthday Blondeh! Ill change to Westley for your Bday xD - Nate

Yes I know this is late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BLONDIE! *throws pie everywhere and gives birthday cake* Hope you have a wonderful birthday! - Jumpy                                                                                                                                                                         

On Behalf of Clan Venables, allow me to wish you a very happy birthday, and a good year following, may the hairs on your toes never grow grey, and may your pipe always be filled with the finest old toby! Regards Mjr. Gen. (retired) Richard Venables

'Ello Blonde,

Happy Birthday! Today you came out of the darkness and into a whole new world! May you have thousands of healthy birth dates in your human life span.