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You're my penguin and I'm so incredibly lucky that you were born! (And didn't finish drowning.... and survived that fall down the stairs... lol :P )

I hope you have an amazing day! ^.^

(also ik this isn't Neville but heeyyyy... you gif what you gif and you don't throw a fit PUNPUNPUNPUN) <3 

Love Blondetato

happy Birthday Boogie Hope you have a Good one - Bill2222

Wearily on I go, pain and misery my only companions. And vast intelligence of course. And infinite sorrow. I despise you all.--Parax 22:50, March 10, 2014 (UTC)

Happy birfyday Bewg! You're a great friend and it's fun to gossip about Cher and Blon-err, I mean.. it's fun to talk to you and SWTOR with you, especially when you're riding your silly dewback. Trust me, I will pull you eventually, and you will fall to your death :) ~Gold

Pesky booger ~sotmr

Happy birthday bro. Always shoot first ! ~ Jim


Happy birthday baby face. Just another day closer to death :3. Jk have a great day. ~Kenzie