Hello and thank you for reading!, I'll try to keep this guide quick, simple, and easy to follow!

Have you played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic also known as KotOR, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, also known as KotOR II:TSL, and just wanted to add more to the gaming experience?

Well I'm making this quick, crude, and simple guide to give you basic knowledge on how to mod to KotOR and KotOR II:TSL, The Mod I'll use as demonstration will be the Popular mod for KotOR II:TSL which is The Sith Lords Restoration Mod (TSLRM)

First I would go to the site where the Mod is at, which differs on what mod is where. Second, you would need to download the mod

Third you will press SAVE, then it will download, some mods can take from 2 seconds to 2 minutes, depends how big the mod you are wishing to have is. Once the download is complete click on the OPEN FOLDER. Once you do this the Downloads list from your Computer/Laptop will open showing the mod. click on the Start Button, click on computer, click on Local Disk, go to program Files (x1-100), Scroll down until you find Lucasarts and click on it.  It will open to a list of any of your Downloaded or installed Games from Lucasarts, which will be any non-mmo Game, so any Published PC Star Wars Game will be there, such as Battlefront, Jedi Academy, KotOR, etc. you will need to click on the SwKotOR 2 file, it will appear differently per version you have. There you go to there where there will be different game files within there, the game directory if you will, there you open both the Recent Downloads and the Kotor 2 directory side by side and click and drag the Mod file into the directory. There it get's either more complicated, or easier judging some mods. With this mod you'll need 7-Zip to open that mod file.  But once you have it opened, just double left mouse click the item, it will open a install launcher, just keep clicking yes, and select the Language you mainly use for the voices and instructions, Such as English, Spanish, German, etc.  and it will do everything itself but it will need an Override Folder for the items to go in, if you don't have an override folder, Just make one! It's simple, just right click on a blank space click on new, and click on folder and name it "Override Folder" without the " ". Now for other mods they will be self extract which you'll just need to direct the location for the item to put the items into.                     

This is a Guide Work in Progress.