Commie Way is a DC Universe Online Villain. With a superntural power of speed and good melee skills, Commie Way is a male villain. He carries a rifle and wears a red trench coat with a star emblem. Fearsome looking, with his gas mask and paramilitary hat.

General StatsEdit

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Level: 8
  • Power: Ice
  • Allegiance: The Joker


Commie wears a red paramilitary hat along with a gasmask that conceals his face. On him he has a trench coat with his well known red star emblem. Spiked gloves run up his arms to his elbows with matching boots that have a lunar crescent at the kneecap.


Commie is known to wear a gas mask and have a semi-automatic rifle, infamous for it.


Prior to being captured by an alien species, Commie Way was an ordinary person with many e
xtreme communist views. He was of Russian descent born during the years of Stalin. He was born in Moscow Russia and would involve himself in the Vietnam War and helped North Vietnam lead itself to victory, though without speed, ice, and his infamous rifle. He would stay there a while until one day he was assaulted and mugged by a thief in Vietnam. He was in critical condition too, but somehow in the process of helping him live was given the ability of speed and ice wielding powers. He would go on to be an extremist of Communism and chaos in Gotham Cit, being known as a supreme marksman veteran of the Vietnam War.