Darth Goord was the apprentice of the former Emperor Nightorb (Sotmr Shadowsong) who communicated with him while he explored the galaxy with a force link spell. He became the Emperor's enforcer and layed the groundwork for his master's grand plan, though the details were shaky even for him.

Born in a small farming town on Voss, he and his human family were outcasts and lived in poverty and despair. When a Voss landlord attempted to evict his family, Goord snapped his neck and crushed his body with the Force, tossing it in the river and effectively starting his path down the Dark Side.

His family quickly learned of this, though, and disowned him, sticking to their passive nature. On Voss, he began to study the Dark Side and came across a holocron of an ancient Voss Sith Lord. He began a five year slaughter as a fugitive, building his power in the Dark Side and letting his rage control him.

Force rage

Goord was later greeted by the entity Sotmr Shadowsong, former Emperor of a rebellion Empire and Darth Oculos. Goord became his apprentice and was dubbed Darth Goord, Dark Lord of the Hidden Empire of Sotmr Shadowsong, who was currently at an undisclosed location in the Universe, presumably resting and gaining power after his defeat.

Darth Bane TCW

The fiery vision of Sotmr Shadowsong.

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