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A normally accepting and kind person who travels across the land of Minecraftia and has a large amount of knowledge about the region. He normally has a Tuxedo and a red tie as a uniform and is a skilled archer. He likes to experiment with many things such as mobs and redstone. He tends to stay away from very populated areas to avoid detection of his experiments. Very interested in the strain of Skeleton known as "Wither Skeletons."


When "Dragon" first stumbled upon the land of Olexia, he knew that he was in a strange place. he was greeted by his good friend who was known as "Josefurnace" aka, "Josef." Josef had quickly showed Dragon the way out of the area he was stuck in, and had showed him his place of residence. Soon after, he encountered a person known has "DAVESDAVY," or "G." He took Dragon into a cave to go on a mining expedition. While in the mine, he had showed Dragon the "ropes" of mining, and had given him exactly 25 diamonds as a sort of welcome gift. Dragon had later helped gather Cobblestone for DAVESDAVY's city wall. Through this, he had met two of G's friends, who were known has "AwesomeA321" and  "BaronVonShush."