"Your food comes from your own hand, your payment comes from the idiot's hand, your existence comes from luck's hand, but your pain comes from my hand" -Drasocarus before murdering Stephen.

Drasocarus ( Drah-sah-ko-rus ) is a banished member of the Tahkia Tribe on Isla De Los Monos. He was banished after murdering Lince Holo's wife. Holo was the leader of the Tribe, and permanently banished Dasocarus from the island and the Tribe. He is scheduled to have an appearance in Memory's Truth.

Personality and traitsEdit

Drasocarus is a very dark, moody character. He'll murder anyone if he sees fit, and values no human life to even half of what he values his own. He even murdered his leader's wife due to her refusing to leave Lince Holo for Drasocarus. Currently, he has made it his goal to acquire the Golden Ape Relic, an artifact belonging to Lince Holo and the Tahkia Tribe on De Los Monos.

Drasocarus also has a strange obsession for the battle axe, or any axe for that matter, having a collection of over 50 axes.


Drasocarus wears a devil/viking-like helment on his head, with two sharp horns on the top. He dyes most of his face and skin in red ink, giving him a very sweaty, red, evil look. He wears royal-looking vests and occasionally coats.

Weapons and abilitiesEdit

Drasocarus has over 50 axes designed to kill in one strike. His axes range from double-bladed axes, double-sided axes, pitchfork-type axes, sickle-type axes, small throwing axes, to axes coated in gunpowder and lit with flames to burn enemies.