Durbe (pronounced: "Dur Bay")  is  one of Bill's Republic characters in SWTOR.

New durbe

Story Edit

Gazahn lived a peaceful life on planet Baria with his friends Mizael, Peyagrrom, Merag and Vesmir when Dark Master Gravatus arrived declaring the barians to be too powerful and began to erradicate them killing Gazahn and Peyagrrom as Mizael and Merag fled pursued by Vesmir who joined the dark lord. 

Gazahn's soul was reborn in a smuggler  named Durby but memories lost and on a misison on Ord Mentel he met a jedi named Merag who he became fast friends with. The two headed to Tatooine but were raided by a imperial cruiser lead by a sith lord and mercenary as Merag fought the mercenary Durby tried his luck at the sith lord who easily overpowered him and then overwhelmed Merag but he did not kill them but bestowed barian energy on them reawakening the dormant soul within Durby and joined Mizael Nasch and Merag as the Barian Legacy

On a mission to Corellia they met their old friend Vesmir who attacked them seeking revenge incapacatating Durbe and Nasch but defeated by Mizael and Merag, the four then journeyed back home to Dromund Kaas

Later on Erebus's assassin the Wintersoldier began to target him and his friends, Durby opted to go undercover adopting a new look to keep his friends safe.


  • Mizael- ally
  • Nasch/Peyagrrom- ally
  • Merag- ally
  • Dangan - ally
  • Vesmir- ally turned enemy
  • Risha- teammate
  • Bowdar- teammate
  • Zaheer - enemy/rival

Stats Edit

  • Level: 58
  • Republic Smuggler
  • Scoundrel 
  • Stealth , Blaster , Fists , Grenades


Durby doesnt have a special ability like the other Barians, but he makes up for it with his special skill: Enchanced Marksmanship, he can create weapons effeciently and use them with pinpoint accuracy, As a smuggler he has trained in hand to hand combat and stealth skills. 


Durby's appearance is that of a spy-like smuggler, he wears an electronic visor with a hat and a long white coat. He is a Zabrak. He later wears a jacket with sunglasses. After The Wintersoldier began to target him and his allies he went into a new look of black with a hood and a mask to hide himself.