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Darth Goldvanius "Arrnt", a heal-specialized Sith Sorcerer is Gold's main in SWTOR. He is a founder of The Chair Council.

  • Current level - 60

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Possessions and petsEdit

  • A cybernetic hand - along with Reklawc, Goldvanius found himself in an incident with the White Maw pirates. Believed to have valuable information, Reklawc and Vanius were tortured in an attempt by the pirates to extract the information from them; this included chopping off both of their right hands. Vanius found a way to enhance the arm to be suitable for blasting force lightning through it.
  • Vorreck - A Cavern varactyl. This giant lizard shares Gold's taste in death and will gladly devour bodyparts of Gold's enemies. On a side note, he is very admirable with colored feathers and skin.
  • Gary, a tundra tauntaun Goldvanius raised on Hoth.
  • Several black flutterplumes - these evil birds serve Goldvanius and his apprentices.
  • Goldbot - Goldvanius' golden serving droid.
  • The Doge-killer, Goldvanius' personal Micro-aggressor droid.
  • Durby - Goldvanius' pet exoboar.
  • Nnamdi, his pet vrblet.


Goldvanius owns a Dromund Kaas stronghold decorated with many red datacrons. It is currently being upgraded.


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I'm known to play PvP warzones very often. I'm pretty decent at Huttball and I've done some good healing for Novare Coast and the Alderaan Civil War.  I love to push enemies off of the bridge in Voidstar, and push ball handlers off of the catwalks in Huttball.

  • Current Healing Record: 1mil
  • Current Badge Record: 16
  • Favorite Warzone: Tie between Civil War and Huttball (Update: I like the 4v4s too :P)

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