Elisír Aegorn Reisson, more commonly known by his pseudonym Jeremiah Garland (8 November 547 - 17 March 601) was an Argolian mercenary captain, bounty hunter, and commander who served as the 14th High Commissioner of the Templar Order of Olexia from 568 until his death in 601. He was the youngest man to assume this position, and was also the longest serving. He served primarily under the direction of Templar Grand Master Josef Furnace.

A native of Argolia, Garland immigrated to the Kingdom of Mycelia early in his life, where he first served in Bane Mining Co., before enlisting as the personal hitman and assassin for Josef Furnace, the grand master of the Templar Order of Olexia, as well as the founder and director of Aperture Science, an ambitious franchise centred in New Elgin, Mycelia. After several years serving as a bounty hunter for Aperture (including one failed attempt to assassinate the leader of Mycelia, King Kortez I) Garland was initiated as a Templar member and, in 568, was nominated to the High Council, serving as the 14th High Commissioner.

Among his other achievements was the founding of several cities, most notably the port town of Husavík and the city of Bakkengard. He served as the governor general of the province of Acre during the Templar's conquest of much of the Olexian continent, and when the Templar Order went into exile following the Great Purge (18 December 577 - 9 April 578), Garland played a key role in keeping the Templar movement alive whilst in hiding on the islands off the coast of Faetia.

He was killed in 601 during the Siege of Tyremor, where he was slain by Faetian soldiers whilst attempting to protect the life of the Templar Grand Master.

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