This is solely based on memory and a bit of imagination. The race Keira is, is a mod from Steam (so it's factual). There are very few pictures to show as I cannot play Skyrim on my PC anymore due to complications.

Race: Lycaea (werewolf-hybrid)


A lycaea in Skyrim.

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Keira, the lycaea


     As part of her coronation, Keira had to climb the highest mountain in Skyrim, The Throat of the World, in order to find the last clue to where the Shrine of Hircine is in order to become the new Wolf Queen of her werewolf-hybrid village, which moved to the Shrine so as to be under Hircine's protection. She made it through the border between Skyrim and High Rock, having traveled all over Tamriel in her training. She would of tried howling for her fellow wolves to help guide her as Skyrim was still new territory to her as she only traveled around the border in her training, but it would go against this final trail of hers. She traveled along the border until she decided to go into what she heard was Darkwater Crossing, and came upon an ambush between two armies.

"Da hell is going on?" she thought as she climbed atop a tree to get a better vantage of the battle. She heard the two sides yell either 'For the Emperor!' or 'For Talos!', of which both confused her further, she didn't care for other's beliefs or religions as she only had Hircine. She jumped down at the wrong time as she felt something sharp at her back.

"Move and your cut in two, rebel!" a harsh, female voice replied.

"Rebel? How am I a rebel? I just arrived in Skyrim!" she responded, agahst at being made an enemy without even trying, her ears pinning down on her head.

"Nice try, fiend. Into the cart!" the woman ordered, pushing Keira forward with the other men and women.

Thus the beginning of her journey...

I: UnboundEdit

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