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Words cannot describe, what I want to say, so I'm obviously a jerk D:

But I'll just go simple :P

Happy Birthday Kenzie, I hope you have a good day! :D

Agent Bill SmithEdit

Mrs Anderson.... 

Just kidding you have been a great friend hope you have  agreat birthday and Never let the jerks and trolls get to you :P 


You, madam, are a FABULOUS (unfat :P ) zebra and I'm so glad that you're on this chat! xD Between showa races and random conversations about deceptive woodpeckers (and TOM! >:0 ) it's always good to talk to you and I hope that your Sweet 16th is STUPENDOUS just like you! (:


Prepare the royal anus


Happeh birfyday! You know what I like on my birthday? A nice, fresh Lizza... mmmm. A warm Lizza that can be cut in slices for the whole party. Let's cut one up now, I'm getting hungry... :0

Blake StewartEdit


Prepare the kitteh armeez.

The Wonderous BoogsterEdit

You already know what I have to say, but again...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (That rhymes)

- Baby Face


The cult welcomes you on your birthday.

Jase BlademorganEdit

Happy birthday Kenzie, i hope you have a wonderful sweet 16. may all your wishes come true today. -Jase


Im probably late but you know whatever because thats not the point. Hope you have a great (or had) birthday. It still is the best day I know of thusfar. You have been a very helpful friend. I'm glad that you are so much better off today on this day than you were not too long ago.



Have a happy birthday. 16 my God I feel too young now.


Hi, happeh birthday (it rhymes). Woo, have a nice year.

Nate Crestbreaker(Huntington)Edit

Happy Birthday Liz! Hope you had a great birthday!

The BitchEdit

Happy Birfday ^.^ ~(o.o)~ 


Devurd McMerryfaceEdit


have a gud birfday pls

Happy Birthday from the Minions

Happy Birthday from the Minions


The DoctorEdit

- sits at table and gets out pen starting to write on paper -

Hey liz, happy Birthday. From me ( The Doctor ) To you. Fair winds and a following sea.

~Lord William Brawlmartin