"That's the entrance! It's creepy and has a lantern in it, it has to be!" - Basil Bridgebain

La Calavera Del Destino, or The Skull of Fate is a large cavern of tunnels in the Paso De La Muerte. It has a unique skull shape, in which the skull has a climbable beard and a large tricorne hat, all of which made of rock and stone. The entrance is the mouth of the skull, but secret areas can be found in the eyes, nose, ears, and hat. In the hat, is the lair of El Fantasma. Fantasma owns the Paso De La Muerte as well, or at least claimed owership when he found it.

Once in the mouth, several tunnels can be found, and only certain ones lead to certain places, when some lead to traps such as boulders, snakes, and even awaking zombies. The tunnels are also guarded by Fantasma's ghost guardians, including Saukry and many others.

Its only appearance is in A Captain's Journey where Lawrence Daggerpaine, Basil Bridgebain, Jarod Pillagebane, and Jack Pistol go on an expedition and have many strange encounters in this cave.


  1. This location was partially inspired by the picture of Jolly Roger's head being carved into a wall