Early Life of Rachel Stormhound Rachel Stormhound was born in 2010. When she started she had no idea what she was coming into. She figure out that Pirates Of The Caribbean Online was going to be a fun game. She was in many guilds until she was put into Bane's Revenge. During her experience with Bane's revenge she met Kate Seaeagle and Carmen Amora Symthe which she calls her "rebel sisters" that is well known in the POTCO world. She also had her very first friend Rivers to help her through her quest. Life was perfect. She has wonderful friends like Vekai who she can trust with anything and is her Buddddeeee for Life, wonderful sisters and a Guild Master that she could trust.... or so she thought. Her GM left leaving what was now called Heir to the Empire in Rachel's hands as current GM. She didnt want it so she gave the position back to her GM and left Heir to the Empire.


As Rachel left Heir to the Empire, she was guildless for a while until Vekai offer her a spot in a guild called Abnormality. She accepted and was welcomed by the Abnormals. She has met some nice people in that guild like Truest Jumper, Jay Plunderbones, and Richard Goldvane that she felt that she needed her rebel sisters to join. Only one rebel sister remains and that is Kate Seaeagle. She invited her in the guild and she loved it. However, she left Abnormality due to how alone she felt half the time

Current Life of RachelEdit

Rachel currently is a member of Dark Archive along with her sister Kate. She hasnt seen Carmen, Vekai, or Jumper in a long time. She hangs out with her best friends Jay, Rich and Kate everyday. :P