Mag Nera was a force-centered combat form developed by Actias Nightorb. It followed a fairly simple pattern of force attacks to quickly dispatch opponents. Note that this form does not require a lightsaber of any kind.

Mag Nera form is best applied to one opponent.

  1. Use Force Grip on the opponent to lift them helplessly into the air and choke them.
  2. Force Push an enemy into a wall.
  3. Use a reversed Force Push to vaguely blast the opponent towards the user.
  4. Pin them down with an aggressive current of Force Lightning. Requires thorough Dark Side concentration.
  5. If the opponent is thoroughly injured, use the force to crack their neck. This can only be done if the opponent is sufficiently close to death.
  6. Most will use Force Crush to attempt to finish off their opponent at this point, however any significant amount of resistance will render the attack useless.
  7. If the opponent is not dead by this point, most will pull out their lightsaber(s) and prepare for a duel.