Nasch, a Mercenary doing bounty-hunting is Bill24601's alt on SWTOR

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Story Edit

Peyagrom lived a peaceful life with his sister Merag and friends Mizael Durbe and Vesmir on planet Baria, when one day Dark Master Gravatus arrived deeming them too powerful and proceeded to wipe them out slaining him and Durbe as Mizael and Merag escaped pursued by Vesmir who joined the dark lord. Peyagrom's spirit was reborn in a bounty hunter named Nasch famous around the galaxy when he was discovered by Darth Goldvanius who hired him as a bodyguard, They went on a mission to Nar Shadda but circumstance arose when a gang captured them which lead to a fight causing a fire in which Nasch got Goldvanius out of the way but was left near dead. Goldvanius killed the gang and took Nasch back to Drumond Kaas and refitted him as a cyborg

Nasch also met Mizael when he was taken in by Goldvanius and the two became good friends. Nasch accompanied Mizael to a raid on a republic ship where they were met with resistance by a Jedi and smuggler named Merag and Durbe. Mizael fought off Durbe as Nasch took on Merag but she overpowered him but was taken down by Mizael but instead of killing the two he bestowed barian power upon them taking them in as part of his new Barian Legacy.

The Barians traveled to Corellia on a mission where they met their old friend Vector now named Vesmir who declared revenge on them and attacked. Durbe and Nasch were incapacitated as Mizael and Merag fought Vesmir who injured Mizael's face and was thrown off into a smokestack below. 


  • Mako- wife/teammate
  • Blizz- teammate
  • Mizael- ally
  • Merag- sister/ally
  • Durbe- ally
  • Vesmir- ally turned enemy
  • Darth Goldvanius- serves as bodyguard for 
  • Wintersoldier -enemy 
  • Bane - ally


Nasch as a Barian had the ability to produce and manipulate fire called pyrokinesis, when he was rebuilt as a cyborg, he still maintained this ability but could channel it with his gauntlets creating more powerful flame attacks, He weilds dual green laser blasters, a large assortment of missiles and rockets, and can use the suit to give him a bit of enhanced strength making him stronger then average person. His pyrokinesis can also allow him ability of propelled flight.

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  • Level 60
  • Bounty Hunter (Mercenary)
  • Healing 
  • twin green blasters

Peyagrrom is an explosive gun-happy Bounty Hunter.nTeamed with Mako, he goes out, collects credits, blows stuff up and doesn't give a crap. he also has an ex criminal voiced by Daran Norris for a companion! and a Jawa.

After recovering his identiy as a Barian Emperor, he took the name Nasch and used a hybrid of combat using damage and pyrtechnics to burn his enemies and finish them off. after becoming a cyborg from a attack by Vesmir he began to be a healer to not only keep himself alive but others as well.

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