Nnamdi Radke is a PvP-based Sith Marauder "damge machine" and is Herc75's main character in SWTOR.

He is heavily built in The Carnage skill tree. His current title is the Emporer's Wrath, and he has draft plans on overthrowing the emporer for he is the only true Sith fit enough to sit atop the throne. He prefers to work in teams however so he can be assured that the task at hand gets finished, and if anything goes wrong, his devilish self is quick to accuse others. He is a sinister being, and has never made a choice in which a model citizen would have, unless it benefits him or the Empire. Although he desires to be The Emporer, he still cares for The Empire. He has to make sure it thrives so it is at it's best when Nnamdi becomes Emporer.