"Spooky" - Jarod speaking about the Passage of Death

Paso De La Muerte, or Passage of Death, is the name of a passageway in the seas. It leads to the lair of El Fantasma, La Calavera Del Destino.

It appears in A Captain's Journey.

It is surrounded by fog, making it hard to navigate. Many ships have crashed in these dreaded oceans, when going to fast and crashed into a rock. There are also several sunken Undead Vessels around, as the War of the Undead raged across these waters. There are also alot of rocks in these waters, including spiked rocks. Many of the rocks are surrounded by the remains of people who were somehow stabbed by these spikes.

The Passage of Death is also the home to very strange and unknown sea creatures, making it very unfortunate to sink here. But a more dangerous predator, is the massive armada of El Fantasma's warships. They patrol the waters, and sink all intruding ships.