Last of the JediEdit

It is a time of grave darkness, 1,300 years after Luke Skywalker restored the Jedi Order and 973 years after the fall of the New Republic and Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order, the Sith now roam free throughout the Galaxy with no organization abiding the laws of The Five, a group of the Original Sith group who overthrew the New Republic and olbiterated the refounded Jedi Order.

Now the entire planet of Coruscant is abandoned, nature and vegiation reclaiming the planet, countless planets burn from Sith maraudery and neglect, The Jedi Temple sealed off from the Galaxy and guarded heavily by the Elite, a group of Sith hand selected by The Five, now for 973 years without the trace of Jedi, any force adepts and force sensitives have been either executed, captured, and or turned to the ways of the Sith teachings leaving the Galaxy Jedi free for nine centuries. 

With any Attempt of a Republic or Empire stopped by the Sith dominants of the Galaxy, leaving only four organizations left in the galaxy, The Mandalorian Resurrectors, The Mandalorian Chosen, The Hutt's, and the Sith. A brutal and violent civil war between the Mandalorians broke out between to follow or stop the Sith, amidst this chaos a Mandalorian Chosen scout explores ruins on Dantooine......