The Galactic War was a major war taking place in 95 ABY to Present Time between the New Republic and the Third Empire 

Before the WarEdit

The New Grand Republic flourished led by the Grand Jedi Order, Until the Sith made themselves known under the eye of Darth Mallek. secretly taking control of several planets without the Republic knowing and gaining ships and resources. finding blueprints for old Clone Wars ships by the CIS and the Galactic Empire, rebuilding them to use they set out for Corusant the Captial planet of the Grand Repiblic. 

The Republic reactivating and negotiating the Clone Facilities on planet Kamino began making more troopers not clones exactly but armies to use.  The two forces met above and on Corusant in a spectacular Battle. The Republic was victorious in driving them away, But more was to come. 

Known Battles/Events Edit

  • Second Battle of Corusant 95 ABY - The Empire makes itself known by attacking Corusant 
  • Third Battle of Naboo
  • Second Battle of Hoth
  • Endor Conspiracy 
  • Battle of Sereno
  • Rebuilding of the Death Star - wanting a new battle station the empire begins to rebuild a new station
  • Invasion of Tatooine 
  • Return of General Grievous - the Empire raiding a old CIS base hidden away discovers the perserved remains of General Grievous from the Clone Wars, rebuilding and reactivating him he now leads the armies again.

Combatants Edit

The New Grand Republic                                                                     The Third Galactic Empire

Commanders: Jedi Master/Admiral Jayden                                         Emperor Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Mallek 

Jedi Master Rich Goldvanius                                                                 Sith Assasin Seaeagle

Weapons Used Edit

  • Jedi Master Jayden - curved hilt Purple bladed lightsaber
  • Jedi Master Rich Goldvanius - Double bladed Green lightsaber
  • Sith Darth Mallek - Twin Red bladed lightsabers/one Black Blade Lightsaber(backup)


The Grand Republic   - Use both Clone Wars and Rebel Alliance  ships                                       

  • Republic Attack Cruiser
  • Republic Star Destroyer
  • Republic Gunship
  • AT-TE
  • X-Wing Fighter
  • Y-Wing Fighter
  • V-19 Torrent
  • Jedi Interceptor 
  • Republic Dropship
  • Naboo Starfighter

The Third Galactic Empire - used Imperial and CIS ships

  • Imperial Star Destroyer
  • Imperial  Starcruiser
  • TIE-Fighter
  • TIE Interceptor
  • TIE Bomber
  • TGE Dreadnought
  • TGE Frigate
  • TGE Cruiser
  • TGE Core Ship
  • TGE Lucrehulk Battlcruiser
  • AAT
  • AT-AT
  • AT-ST
  • MTT
  • Vulture Droid
  • Tri-Fighter
  • C-9979 Landing Craft