Ter Mana was the second form of Lightsaber combat developed by Actias Nightorb. Ter Mana revolved around the use of one handed weapons, and at a stretch two handed. Essentially, Ter Mana was much like the Juyo subform created by Mace Windu called Vaapad, only for Dark Siders. Like Vaapad created a super conducting loop channeling the opponent's rage back at them as a weapon, Ter Mana used the power of the opponent's fear of the user. Ter Mana users often used the Ancient Sith Dun Moch tactic to inspire fear in their enemies. A very experienced master of the form could even use their rage to add to their power. Ter Mana was everything a Sith could need in a duel, using the rage of themselves and the fear of their opponents to gain power on a massive scale.

However, rage and fear are only half of the Ter Mana form's attributes. Much like Juyo, Ter Mana is extremely aggressive and powerful. The form is wildly random and ferocious, however there is a simple pattern that users need to loosely follow. An attack will usually begin with a one handed high guard coming from the opposite hand the lightsaber is being held in, followed by a quick leap over the opponent's head. Next, while behind the enemy, make a quick slash coming from the waist across the opponent's back, or, if they reacted quick enough, side. This can be substituted with a slash at the upper arm or neck, effectively cutting a limb off. The next move is usually a quick force imbued punch or kick to send the opponent off balance, or, to the other side of the room. The fourth attack is optional and may prove useless, however it can be devastatingly effective if used correctly. Simply use telekinesis to throw your lightsaber at the opponent, and use simple force guidance to bring it back to your hand safely.

Ter Mana form is best applied against single force-sensitive opponents.

See Darth Sidious demonstrate something close to the form in a duel with Yoda.

Darth Sidious & Dooku vs Yoda & Anakin Skywalker The Clone Wars Season 6

Darth Sidious & Dooku vs Yoda & Anakin Skywalker The Clone Wars Season 6