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"I was born before time, dark larvae from the putrid womb of the ancient ones. I am the scream on the lips of children, the curse borne on the foul breath of the dead. Lo, I am the beast, the wraith in the moonlit shadows. The Day belongs to the Darkness."

-Odin Stormfather

Hidden in the Runic Mountains of Nordrilund in the far corner of the realm known as the Spiral was the Tribe of Luna, humanoid barbaric ravens who worshipped the Moon and the shadows. The Coven was founded by Odin Stormfather, a Lunic Mage, in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the Darkness, hidden for millennia by the Light. Odin gained the support of his people and the Coven essentially became the government of the tribe. When Odin was at the height of his power, his son, Thor, a member of the Coven, betrayed his father and became the new leader of the cult. His ambition overcame him, however, and in an attempt to cheat death and achieve immortality through the powers of the Void, began to wither away due to sheer darkness. With his last pinch of power, however, he spat out an offspring who vowed to carry on Thor's legacy and unlock the secrets of Darkness.

Due to the constant freezing climate of Nordrilund, many of the Ravens died and the Tribe was forced to spread around the Spiral. In his early years, Thor's son, Sotmr Shadowsong, sought to reform the Tribe and restore the Coven to its former glory. Seeking guidance, Sotmr became the apprentice to the great being Exitium who showed Sotmr much of the arcane way, and gave him the power to reunite the ravens.

With Thor's son Sotmr Shadowsong now in charge, the Coven gained influence throughout the world. Fearing that the Darkness would overcome the Light and unbalance would destroy the universe, the ancient being known as the Seraph traveled to the Spiral, defeated Sotmr and, as punishment, stole the Coven's power and cast it back into the Void. In an attempt to regain their power, the Coven sought an alliance with the Society of the Dark who based their operations in far away dimensions. Their Supreme Overlord accepted, and eventually the Coven regained all of its power and vowed to help Bobby Moon create peace in the universe through Darkness.