The Grand Prophecy that all living and dead things played an untold part in. It revolved around Grandmother Raven and Grandfather Spider, the creators of Light and Dark. On the Light Side of the Universe was Raven, and on the opposite side, the Dark Side, was Spider, who drifted ever closer to the Shadows. Their constant feuding created Life and Death, and later, Myth. From these mystical aspects of the Universe spawned Fire, Ice, and Storm. Wizards and witches in the Spiral all took on one of these forms of existence and manipulated it to do their bidding.

Unseen to most was Shadow Magic, manipulated by few and mastered by none but Sotmr Shadowsong and the Spider.

The ProphecyEdit

Sky and l once danced as one, round the tree of magic’s shade. A thousand years, a thousand more, memories of love and fury fade.

Raven and Spider played across Sky, and battled throughout the Land. Spider fell into the deepest hole, locked away by Raven’s hand. Spider roared and thrashed against the heavens, and finally fell into a sleep. His dreams made twisting Shadow things, sowing chaos to one day reap.

The Candle flickers across the Night, A Child sailing the Shadow Sea. The Spiral bends, and twists, and whirls, bringing the Chosen back to me.The Mirror will break… the Horn will call. From the Shadows I strike and the skies… will fall!"

The Shadow Web hums and stretches beyond the stars, Touching all of the Universe with Spider’s welcoming arms...

All that is known is that the Child referred to was Queen Morganthe, and the Spider was unwittingly released by the Chosen One who hailed from the Spiral, and ultimately destroyed the Queen. Morganthe's goal was never to rule - it was to replace the known Universe with the her new creation, the Shadow Web. When she died, her ritual was broken, but it was not in vain. An alternate Universe was subsequently created, shaped after her actions and the Shadow Web that threatened existence.