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Acolyte Akana walked through the doors of the Sith Academy, her hair standing up on the back of her neck as the honor guards bowed before her. She walked by a mirrored wall and took a moment to look at herself.  Akana sighed at her reflection. All she saw was a small woman with a short dark black bob for hair, blue eyes, and an odd set of purple lipstick and eyeshadow.   ‘I’m not sure why I don’t just throw myself at a tu’kata and be done with all this shit, being here is like slowly dying anyway.’  she thought. The acolyte thought of her family; she was the daughter of ‘The Emperor’s Wrath’ Rakoni Telkin Quinn and Captain Malavai Quinn, two people who would gladly give their lives away if it would benefit the Empire. How exactly was she supposed to tell them she had no wish to be Sith? Her thoughts were cut off by her reaching her mother’s place in the academy. “Good, good…….” her mother cooed as she saw the bag in Akana’s hand. Akana dropped the sack into Rakoni’s hand. Rakoni immedietly untied the string on the sack and grinned deviously as she saw what was inside it. “Excellent, Akana. You have almost completed your trials and shall soon become my apprentice.” The Sith lord dropped the sack on the floor, and through the opening Akana could see the head of one of her fellow acolytes. Seeing the digusted look on her daughter’s  face, Rakoni shook her head in disapproval, her long blond ponytail swinging. “That man deserved what he got. He attacked and killed another acolyte, which as you know is against the rules of the academy.” Rakoni snapped. “But that means I disobeyed the rules of the academy by slaying him, doesn’t it?” Akana asked curiously.  ”It doesn’t count if the order was given by an Overseer.” Rakoni replied. “Yes, mother.” Akana said, looking down on the ground. Rakoni stepped towards her daughter and lifted the girl’s chin so they were eye-to-eye. she gazed at Akana, green eyes staring into blue. “Akana,” the Overseer began. “You may not have been born with these,” she gestured towards the warrior birthmark that was just above her eyes. “But you were born with skill in melee, and a great destiny. You shall become a great Sith.” Akana sighed mentally. “Yes mother, about that-” “Hello.” said a voice behind her. Akana turned and saw her father in the doorway. Akana grinned and ran to hugged him, making him stumble back. She separated from him and looked at him in the eye. “Why are you here?” she asked. Malavai gave his daughter a confused look. “Didn’t your mother tell you I was coming?” Akana turned and glared at Rakoni, who smiled and shrugged. “Must’ve forgot.” The Sith said sarcastically. Akana rolled her eyes. Rakoni walked across the room and kissed her husband lovingly, making Akana roll her eyes again. “Get a room you two.” the acolyte joked. Rakoni stopped kissing Malavai and he flushed crimson. The Overseer chuckled.
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family:HelveticaNeue,HelveticaNeue,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:19px;">“You still fluster so easily Quinn, even after all these years. Do you remember when we met back on Balmorra? Back when I was young and pretty?” she asked him, looking into his blue eyes and running her finger through his gray-flashed black hair. “You’re just as beautiful now as you were back then, if not, more.” he replied, then kissed her cheek. “You guys now I’m still here right?” Akana cut in, arms crossed. “She got her father’s face, mother’s skill and her Aunt Vette’s personality.” Rakoni said to nobody particular. Akana ignored the comment. “Please just send me on my next trial so I can get away from….this.” the acolyte begged in a very sarcastic tone. “Go…..kill some tu’kata and bring me their teeth. Close the door on the way out.” Rakoni ordered, not really caring. Akana sighed and walked out, giving Malavai a hug on the way out.</p>

family:HelveticaNeue,HelveticaNeue,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:19px;">“Gah!” Akana groaned as she hit another tu’kata with a finishing blow. Her training saber lost it’s glow and she placed it on her back. The human looked at the area, tu’kata bodies littered everywhere. Akana brushed the sand off of her acolyte robes and stared out at the scenery of Korriban, the giant statues towering above her, and the entrances to the many dark tombs that made Akana cringe at the thought of. Her thoughts were cut off as a couple pebbles fell on her head. She shook her head to get them off and looked up to see where they were coming from. They had fell off the cliff she was standing about ten feet away from, and she could see some some coming from somewhere on top of the cliff. Curiousity swarmed Akana, and she backed up several yards away from the cliff. ‘Maybe being Force Sensitive will actually come in handy for once.’ she thought. Then she started to run, as fast as she could. She built up enough momentum and force-leaped onto the side of the cliff.  The woman it the side of the cliff with a huge jolt. The cliff made a big impact on Akana but she seemed to make little impact on the cliff. Akana looked down, she seemed to be halfway up the cliff. She lifted her hand weakly and started to climb up the cliff, her hands bleeding from the sharp rocks. Rock’s falling as she stepped on them, Akana was forced to move quickly and step lightly. Once Akana reached the top she found a small ship that was obviously the source of the smoking, and a small secluded cave. Her eyes widened and she ran towards the ship to look for survivors. The ship looked like a typical smuggler’s ship, what a smuggler would be doing on Korriban was something Akana was dying to find out. The ship was falling apart, and one side had taken major damage by a large boulder.  Akana got close enough to see a small but bright light coming from the cave. The acolyte walked inside the cave and found a Zabrak eating a small pack of pre-packed rations. “Hello?” the man called out. Akana could see the man clearly now; dark skinned, orange eyes and six or so horns on his hairless head. Wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, red vest, black pants and boots, his clothes weren’t in the best of shape. “Who are you?” Akana asked as she reached the man.  The man stood up and looked at her. He was a tall man, almost a head taller then Akana. “Morvic. Your damn Sith buddies shot me outta the sky.” he told her. There were bags under his eyes from pure exhaustion and he looked as if he’d barely eaten in days. The acolyte didn’t reply to what he’d said but made him sit down on one of the large rocks in the cave and started digging in the supply purse she wore. She took out a medpac, a half-full canteen and a couple pack of rations. After Morvic used the medpac, drank the water and ate the rations, he looked much more healthy. “Now, how did you get here?” Akana asked him. Morvic put down the canteen that he was trying to get another drop of water out of. “I was coming to Korriban to visit an old Sith friend, but my ship got shot down.” he explained. Akana looked unconvinced. “So you decided to bring a pile of…….whatever to your Sith friend?” she asked, eyeing the pile of mysterious objects that included the glowing cube. Morvic groaned. “Fine.” he began. “I was hired by some Imperial to smuggle Sith Artifacts to his daughter, some acolyte. When I was trying to find a place to land the Flare I was detected by the radar, recognized, and shot down.” Curiousity overwhelmed Akana, a question popping into her head every second. “How long have you been stuck up on this cliff?” she replied. “Three or four days. Was packing the artifacts, some water and a couple rations into a bag when I got shot down, so I’ve been living off that. I’d be stupid if I said I wasn’t a lucky man.” he explained. “You said you were recognized, who are you exactly?” the human continued, exceedingly interested. Morvic looked at the girl and chuckled, his orange eyes shining even through the darkness of the cave. “Curiousity killed the bantha girlie.” he teased. “I like to live on the edge.” Akana snarked. The Zabrak chuckled. “I’m Morvic Vich, I’ve been using that ship for years, i dentify the ship and you identify me. Pretty simple stuff sweetheart.” he said, wishing she would quit it with the questions. Akana remembered hearing about a smuggler named Vich, she had been fascinated about how much he’d accomplished in his years as a smuggler. “Wait- so you’re the guy who found Nok Drayen’s lost treasure and married his daughter Risha?” “Mhmm, now quit it with the questions and help me get down this damn cliff.” the smuggler snapped.

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This made the acolyte snap back into reality and she shook her head, her black locks swinging. “Right. Sorry. One more question?” she asked. Morvic groaned. “If I get to ask you one.” he replied. akana nodded. “Who was the Imperial who hired you?” The Zabrak seemed to draw a blank for a moment. “Molvay Quinn. Something like that.” Akana’s eyes widened. “Malavai?” she asked, confused. “Yeah, that’s the one, how’d you know?” Akana moaned. “I’m his daughter.” Morvic’s expression hadn’t changed. He rised from the rock and walked over to the pile of objects that Akana know knew were Sith artifacts. “Guess these are for you then.” he explained. Akana wasn’t all too thrilled by the fact that her father had sent her things to help her study for something she was trying to get out of, but she had to admit that she was extremely curious about the strange things. She walked ove,r knelt on the ground, and started fi</p>

family:HelveticaNeue,HelveticaNeue,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:19px;">dgeting with the objects. There was rocks with things engraved on them, an old lightsaber crystal, a beat up mask and of course the glowing cube. Akana picked up the cube, twisted a little wheel that was on the top and-Silence. Complete and utter silence. Akana’s eyes were closed by force and her body seemed to be glowing, distracting Morvic from the small bottle of Corellian whiskey he was drinking ( he always made sure he had some sort of alcoholic beverage at his side, and had been sipping at that from time to time since he crashed.). Akana couldn’t open her eyes when she tried, but a small voice started speaking. “There was an acolyte, a young twi’lek woman. She had struck at another acolyte whom she had been in a rivalry with. The Overseer who had been conducting her trials, Mandido, had taken a favor to her, and instead of killing her like he should’ve, he banished her, which was the most he could do without getting killed himself. The acolyte refused and tried to strike at him, and the Overseer was forced to end her life.” the voice said. It was light and feminine, almost angelic. “One day the Mandido was on a speeder ride to the Lower Wilds, and he was attacked and killed by a pack of tu’kata. Lege</p>

And is that the acolyte he struck down was reincarnated as a tu’kata and led a pack of the creatures to kill the Mandido for revenge. The legend also says that the acolyte’s spirit was then at peace, but the Mandido’s spirit was not for this reason: After Mandido died, his wife took his wealth and treasured vibroblade and hid them some where, nobody knows where. Mandido’s spirit stays to protect it, and to kill whoever tries to take it. Mandido’s vibroblade is powerful, and would come into great use for someone skilled in me. lee. Your stregnth and endurance have been increased so if you choose to, you may go on the journey to search for Mandido’s treasure." </span>

Akana was then released of the datacron’s grasp and she could open her eyes again. “So………what was that?” Morvic asked. “It told me a legend, about a powerful vibroblade that belonged to an Overseer. I have to get it.” she replied, not looking at him, but staring at the datacron with her blue eyes. “Thought you didn’t wanna be Sith?” The Zabrak replied. Akana turned and glared at him. “How did you know that?” “When you found out it was your father who sent you the artifacts, you had that ‘Oh shit’ look on your face. Thanks for just confirming it though.” he explained, leaning against the cave wall and smirking.  Akana groaned. “I like to fight. If I can get credits out of it, it’s even better. Now, are you gonna help me or not?” “Hell no!” the Zabrak snapped.
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Malavai Quinn

“I’m taking those artifacts, selling them, and taking a shuttle to Dubrillion to meet up with Risha.”  ”The datacron mentioned great wealth.” Morvic perked up, and you could almost see the credit signs in his eyes. “Alright let’s go, I got nothin’ better to do!” he declared. Akana laughed. “Let’s do it then.” They walked out of the cave and Akana walked the dirt off of her uniform once again.  Morvic looked around, shocked at how close his ship had landed to the edge of the cliff. Seeing the look on his face, Akana chuckled. “You weren’t shitting yourself when you said you were a lucky man.”  she told the Zabrak. “Watch your tongue girlie.” he replied. “Bold talk coming from a smuggler.” “Not good when coming from a lil’ girl.” “I’m not a little girl!” the human snapped. Akana turned and started climbing down the cliff, confusing Morvic. “Can’t you do that force-leap thing Sith do?” he called, Akana already several feet down. The acolyte grunted as a rock under her left foot fell. </p>

“Yeah, I could, and break something in the process. Are you blind?” Morvic smirked and started to climb down with her. Akana jumped down a few feet and hit the ground with a thud. Morvic came down a moment later. “So wha-” Akana’s holocom started ringing. She moaned and picked it out of her pocket. The human turned it on and a holographic Rakoni came into view. “Hello Akana, I know you must be having fun slaughtering those filthy creatures, but shall you be coming back soon?” the Sith Lord asked. Akana mentally sighed. “I found out about a powerful vibroblade mother, and I wish to search for it.” she replied. A smile creeped onto Rakoni’s face. “Look for it my dear, I encourage it. I assume you shall me gone a few days, I wish you luck.” Rakoni reached for the holocom power button. “Wait mother. May I speak to Dad?” Akana cut her off. Rakoni nodded and handed the holocom to Malavai, who showed up in a hologram a moment later. “Yes, Akana?” the Imperial asked. “Why did you have Sith artifacts smuggled to me?” Akana asked her father. “Oh, so Vich reached you. I acquired the artifacts from some elderly archaeologist named Drellik for you. I wish to help you in your trials, but sending them to you would be shown as nepotism. Besides, your mother had told me how you were fascinated by the tales of Vich, so I figured you’d enjoy meeting him.” Malavai explained. “Thanks, Dad.” Akana said. “Anything for you Akana.” he replied, then clicked off the holocom. “So….. you’re fascinated by me?” Morvic teased. Akana turned and glared at him. “If you want to keep your teeth I suggest shutting the hell up.” “Shutting the hell up ma’am.” he said with a smirk. “C’mon, lets go find that blade.” he added. Akana pulled her black hair behind her ear and started walking. “Let’s see if we can find out anything else about this Overseer.” she said. Morvic nodded.</p>