The Fortress just outside the Palace acted as the last line of defense.

800px-(Location) Shadow Palace

The Central Keep of the Palace.

The Shadow Palace was the home of Sotmr Shadowsong on Khrysalis and base of operations for the Arachna Empire, an alliance between Sotmr's forces and the Spider King's larvae. It was also the place of his death and was reduced to ruins shortly thereafter. It was essentially a giant fortress stationed on a floating island surrouded by an endless abyss that led into the Shadow Web dimension. The only way to cross the abyss was to defeat Moros the Doom Tree and use his branches to begin a ritual that created a Celestia bridge that spanned the gap. Accidents happened.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Iron Gates
  • Hydra Graveyard
  • Wormhole portal to Dathomir
  • The Emperor's Throneroom
  • Larvae web