This is the new version of the original Xtreme Light Cannon - Satellite Class


History Edit

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The idea of this supreme weapon came from the minds of Bill Plunderbones and Lawrence Daggerpaine. Lawrence passed the funding while Bill began construction on April 4th 2011. On July 4th 2011, the cannon was completed and sent to orbit the skies above the Caribbean. Remotely controlled by several controls and Bill's mind using the telepathy power jewel inside the cannon, this weapon can be dangerous. The weapon is now in storage on the planet of Dromund Kaas.

Energy Edit

The fuel for this cannon is a substance made from the Spirit of Light himself as a clean, resuable energy source. 

Abilities Edit

The cannon's main weapon is a focused blue energy beam that can cut through almost anything, destroying everything in its path. Apart from the main beam it has several defensive mini-lasers on the sides. Its main defenses are the Reflector Panels, which absorb energy-based attacks and use them to fuel the beam and shoot it back with even greater power. 

It is also fitted with a Dimensionalizer which allows it to go to and from the Realm and over dismensions.