Thomas Lockidd is the first pirate of CaptainGoldvane2's secound account. Though now basic access, it is possible the account will be restored to Unlimited Access if Pirates Online steps up their game.


Famed ItemsEdit

  1. Sharkfang Blade
  2. Great Hawk Sabre
  3. Masterwork Broadsword.
  4. Spinecrest Blade
  5. Bloodhound Cannon Ram
  6. Searing Cannon Ram
  7. Knives of the Hawk Idol x2
  8. Scoundrel's Knives
  9. Grand Blunderbuss
  10. Bloodfire Broadsword
  11. Divine Cutlass x3

Brights/Dark BlacksEdit

  1. Dark Black Linen Highwaters
    Gamers Move 3

    Bright Green Sack vest on both accounts!

  2. Dark Black Headband
  3. Navy Blue Cotton Open Shirt
  4. Navy Blue Linen Long Sleeve
  5. Magenta Headband
  6. Magenta Old Tank
  7. Bright Red Reinforced Tank
  8. Bright Red Headband
  9. Bright Red Cap
  10. Bright Green Sack Vest
  11. Bright Green Linen trousers
  12. Bright Yellow Sash
  13. Bright Yellow Sack Vest
  14. Bright Orange Laced Pufffy Shirt
  15. Bright Orange Cotton Highwaters