Torquemadnas, a Dark Adept and High Inquisitor of Emperor Palpatine.

Torquemadnas was the second reincarnate of Sotmr Shadowsong that resided in the Star Wars galaxy. Arriving the same way he did thousands of years ago, he found himself a short statured, weak human servant of the Nightsisters only useful for his undoubtable ability in the Force. The Nightsister fortress was invaded by Imperial forces and he hovered a breath away from destruction. However, it was not to be as the young Human child was discovered by a member of the the infamous order known as Inquisitorius, a branch of Imperial Intelligence that served the Emperor himself. He was trained as a Dark Side Adept and Sorceror and became one of the Empire's greatest assets. But much like the last time, he had greater plans for the Empire, and the Galaxy at large...


"Lord Torque" in full battle armor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Extreme Mastery in Shadow Magic, believed to just be ancient Sith Alchemy by his fellows

Massive Strength in Dark Side Force Powers that were perhaps second to only Emperor Palpatine

Practiced Hand in Sith Alchemy and Sorcery - primarily from a holocron of the Sith Emperor Vitiate himself

Some Mastery in Lightsaber combat passed down from his experience as Actias Nightorb; specialized in Makashi style

Among other obscure and effective Dark Side powers

Major Possession Abilities

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Lorus, longtime friend and eventual mind slave to Lord Torque.