Dreadnought Class CruiserEdit


The Indifatigable

UNITS Indifatigable is a Dreadnought class ship in EVE Online, under the command of Captain Richard Venables, the Indifatigable took part in the Bloodbath of B-R5RB as part of the Pandemic Legion Fleet and was decommissione shortly afterwards due to extensive and expensive damage.

Early lifeEdit

The UNITS Indifatigable was bought by its current owner Captain Richard Venables, (a veteran of the Battle of Asakai and had worked hard to purchase a Dreadnought, which he did. She took part in a number of smaller Skirmishes before finally being called to the Pandemic Legion. This was how she would play a part in the Bloodbath of B-R5RB.

The BloodbathEdit

Fighting on the frontlines of the B-R5RB system, Captain Richard Venables received orders to support on of the PL's Titans, the Indifatigable was stationed to starboard of the Titan and prepared for battle, Venables log recorded several confirmed kills, and well as fourty-two unconfirmed kills, but the Indifatigable had taken serious damage, her shields where disabled and primary weapons systems where offline, and the hull was venting atmosphere, with his engines failing, Venables ordered the ship to be abandoned, but she was later recovered in the aftermath of the Bloodbath.


She was decommissioned in early March 2014, and sold as scrap to a young smuggler.