Number 108


The XL Satellite Cannon is the primary weapon of the Society of Light, second only to the divine Great Leviathan


  • Xl cannon
    MODEL: Xtreme Light Cannon - Satellite Class.
  • ABILITIES: Energy Beam, Reflector Panels, Dimensionizer , Extra Blasters
  • OWNERS: Admiral Jayden, Bill Plunderbones


The Cannon was first created in the time of the Galactic War by the Republic under Admiral Jayden to combat against the Third Galactic Empire. The Cannon was completed in 98 ABY and sent into the Third Battle Of Coruscant when it launched a barrage of power on the city below to attack the Imperial Fortresses. The Imperial navy launched a armada against the Cannon and the Republic navy. in the midst of the battle the Dimensionalizer on the Cannon was hit and malfunctioned sending the Satellite Cannon into the Realm. The Republic had to retreat as the Empire hunted them down. 

The Cannon drifted in the space between spaces and eventually crashed into the POTCO Dimension where it crashed into the Caribbean Realm in Cuba. It was found by Bill Plunderbones of the Gen. Of Peace and a secret organization at the time The Society of Light. He showed the Cannon to his Guildmaster and head of DI, Lawrence Daggerpaine; they decided to keep it and use it in various activities as the main weapon of the Gen. of Peace. Bill tinkered with it and used components around the Caribbean, making a new version of it that could hover using a focusing crystal mirror, solar power and voodoo energies. 

Upgraded VersionEdit

Number c108